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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Divisions and Distribution Channel.

There are two main attributes of organizational model which plays a very important role in organizational determination process. Those are -

  • Divisions
  • Distribution Channel.

Sales Area data mainly consists of Distribution channel + Divisions + Sales Orgnanization. So it is very important that we should configure and define these two attributes. Divisions are nothing but the categorization of which main business industry the organization belong to, whereas Distribution channel are nothing but a channel used by the organization to make their product reach to their end customer.

Define Divisions.

Go to SPRO> IMG > CRM > Master Data > Organizational Management> Division Settings > Define Divisions

Choose New Entries and maintain the entry.

Save the entries. Your new division has been created. 

Define Distribution Channel.

Go to SPRO > IMG > CRM > Master Data > Organizational Management > Organizational Data for Sales Scenarios> Define Distribution Channels.

Choose New Entry and maintain the entry.

Save the entries. Your new distribution channel has been created.

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