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Friday, April 08, 2016

Lead Management in SAP CRM Marketing

What are Leads?

In marketing or sales lead is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business.Both customers and prospects can be considered as Lead.

Leads facilitate your companys chance to make business. With leads, you can provide a streamlined link between marketing and sales so as to accelerate the process between first interest and sales. Leads can help you to find out more about a potential business. Leads can be generated on the basis of activities or can be the basis for follow-up activities. Leads can also be generated by various channels - Interaction channel, telemarketing, Internet Sales or External Lists. 

Lead Management 

To create a lead, go to customizing transaction types. Use the tcode - crmc_process_ma
Select transaction type "Lead" which is standard sap crm for lead. Copy As and edit the name to make your entry. 

Create your own lead transaction type. 

Make sure you have these entries like 'Web Ui', 'IC' in Channel list. Otherwise this transaction type wont be visible in CRM Marketing Web UI. 

Now go to Marketing Professional, Select Marketing - Create - Lead.

Select your transaction type for lead which you have just created.

The general data field is pretty much simple. Enter an ID, Description, Prospect. 

You can add this list to the campaign type which you have created. 

Under classification type you can choose three important classification of leads i.e Priority, Origin and Group. Priority is nothing but what is priority level of your lead. Origin is from where you have acquired this lead. Lead Group is category where your lead belongs to.

Under general data, there is a qualification level. These qualification level should be entered manually or through the surveys in lead. 

There can be many other data field under Leads like Partner involved, Notes, Assessment etc. These can be either maintained manually or can be customized according to the needs. 

Lead Priority, Origins and Groups.

Setting up Lead Priority 

Go to SPRO > CRM > Transactions > Settings for Leads > Define Lead Priorities 
There are lead priority available in the system, you can choose from them or make your own entry. to do so click on New Entry.

Give a new name for your priority and save it.

Your new priority has been created. 

Setting up Lead Origins 

Go to SPRO > CRM > Transactions > Settings for Leads > Define Lead Origins 

Just like lead priority, you can either select from the one avialable in the system or just make a new entry by clicking on New Entry button. 

Setting up Lead Group

Go to SPRO > CRM >  Transactions > Settings for Leads > Define Lead Groups

Just like the lead priority and origins, you can either select from the one available in the system or can make a new entry by clicking on New entry button. 

I am making a new entry in lead group as 'My Important List'.

Now check the entries again in Marketing professional.

Go to Marketing - Create - Lists, and check whether our newly created origins, groups and priority are avialble in the system.

It is available there. Similarly you can check for Lead origins and priorities. 

That was all about basics of Lead Management. We will learn about Surveys or Assessments in Lead Management in next post. 

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