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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Organizational Management

What is Organizational Management ?

What is Organizational Management ?

Each company has some organizational structure like company structure, employee positions and many other attributes. Organizational Management is used for the mapping of all these organizational structure of a company in the CRM environment. This organizational management allows you to specify organizational data automatically in a business transaction using the organizational structure.

There are different attributes of Organizational Structure which can be classified as Organizational attribute and general attributes.

Organizational Attributes

General Attributes

They are used to define the type of an organization. For example :

Sales Organization
Sales Office
Sales Group
Service Organization

They are used to define responsibilities of an organization. Some example of general attributes are :

Postal Code
Distribution Channel

Advantange of Organizational Management -

1. Flexible - The Org model can be changed. You can include your own levels and leave level out.
2. Time Dependent - You can maintain different org structures  for different time periods in parallel.
3. Adaptable and Dependable - Org model plan is not static. It is dynamic. We can maintain and so some change in org model at any time.
4. One Structure for sales and service

Aim of Organizational Management.

The main aim of the organizational management is you never have to think about your organizational data when you create a document.

This can be understood by this example -

Suppose a prospect customer calls in an office for some enquiry about a product. The agent creates an activity and takes down the name, address and other details of the prospect. Now the system uses the postal code to find the office responsible for this customer. An agent in this office can get in contact with the customer and creates an quotation and other follow ups.

Creation of Organizational Structure -

We use the following t-codes for org structure creation.

Create - ppoca_crm
Edit - ppoma_crm

For creating Orgnizational Structure,

1.Go to tcode - ppoca_crm

2. Select the validity for your org structure.

3. Give the name for your organization unit, like in this example, I have given the code name TEST_ORG, and write a short description of your organization.

Now, Select this org unit, go to "Function" and tick mark the sales organization. This way this org unit will become your main sales organization unit.

4. Now, to create the Sales office under sales organization. Right click on the new org unit you just created and select the "Create" option. Select "In line supervisor of".

Give the name for your sales office.

A sales office unit will be created under sales organization. now go to "Function", and select the option "Sales office" to make this org unit as your sales office.

5. Similarly, if you want to create a sales group under sales office, right on the sales office unit you just created and select the "Create" option. Select "In line supervisor of" from the pop up to create a sales group under sales office. Dont forget to select the option "sales group" under function, to make this org unit work like sales group.

Now, we have all three attributes of organizational model created above, like sales org, sales office and sales group. If you want to enter some employee for the respective unit, for example if you want to make an entry for CEO for TEST_ORG. For this, right click on the Test_org unit, again a pop will be generated. This time select "Incorporates". Give a position and a code name for the position, and save the entries. You will see, a new position of CEO has been created under main org unit.

6. Now if you want to assign some existing employee for the post of CEO, You can do so by doing right click on CEO, click on Assign and choose "owner" from then pop up box.

Search for the respective Business partners whom you want to assign for the post of ceo.

Save the entries. Your new ceo entry for the org unit will be created.

This was all the basic about the Organizational model creation and assigning employee to the business unit.

Adding general attributes of Organizational Model.

1. Select the org unit, Go to Attributes for adding value to general attributes. There are many attributes like division, distribution channel, postal code, country, currency etc. Add values to whichever field you like. Select from the pop up that will generate for each attributes.

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