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Sunday, September 18, 2016

What are T-codes

In any SAP system, whatever function system performs has a transaction code associated with it. These transaction codes are nothing but a short name of that function or transaction which generally contains letters or numbers. These transaction codes are called t-codes. We enter t-codes in the command area of the SAP system.

Suppose you want to enter another business partner in a system. Instead of going through standard process of navigation i.e SPRO>IMG.... you just put a command BP in the command box. This command, BP is a tcode for Business Partner. It will directly open the Business Partner page.

There are tons of tcodes available to use within SAP syste, I am listing here some important tcodes which are associated with SAP function.

PPOMA_CRM – Change of Organizational Model
CRMD_ORDER - Transaction Processing
CRMD_BUS2000126 - Maintaining Activities
CRMD_ORDER - Transaction Processing
CRM_DNO_MONITOR - Transaction Monitoring

CRMV_EVENT - Customizing Event Handler
CRMC_OBJECTS – Sub objects of CRM Document
CRMD_BUS2000120 - Process Complaints
CRMD_BUS2000108 - Maintaining Leads
CRMD_BUS2000112 - Maintain Service Contracts
SMW01 - Display BDocs
SMOEAC - Administration Console
R3AS - Start Initial Load
R3AC1 - Set Up Business Objects Exchange
R3AM1 - Monitor Objects
R3AC3 - Set Up Customizing Objects Exchange
R3AR2 - Define Requests
SMW01 - Display BDocsR3AS - Start Initial Load
SMOEAC - Administration Console
R3AC1 - Set Up Business Objects Exchange
R3AM1 - Monitor Objects
SMOHQUEUE - Replication & Realignment Queues
R3AC3 - Set Up Customizing Objects Exchange
R3AR2 - Define Requests
R3AR4 - Start Requests
R3AC4 - Customizing Events in R/3
R3AC5 - Set Up Condition Objects Exchange
SBDM - BDoc Modeler
BWA1 - DataSource Maintenance
SMOBILEBW - BW Requests for Mobile Clients
ORDYWB - CRM IR Delivery Workbench
CRM_RSMO - BW Monitor
CRMC_REPO_OPT - Configure Report Page WC
CRMD_TM_CLDIST - Call List Maintenance
CRM_CIC_CTI_LOAD - Load communication statistic
CRMM_CIC_APDISPLAY - Display IC WinClient Profile
CRMM_ROUT_PROF_CHAR - Maintain Attributes
CRMD_TM_CLMS - Call List Management
CRMC_CIC_TITLE_TEXTS - Maintain Window Title
CRMC_CLM_ACTION_CONF - Configure Action Profile
CRMC_CLM_ACTION_DEF - Define Action Profile
CRMC_CLM_ACTION_WIZ - Action for Definition via Wizard
CRMC_TAX_GROUP - Tax Group Customizing
CRMC_TAX_MAP - Tax Group Customizing
CRMM_ISA_IUSER - Internet User Management
CRMC_ISA_IUSER - Internet User Settings
CRMM_ISA_UA - Internet Sales
CRM_SHOP - Web Shop Maintenance
CRMBS02 - Maintain Status Profiles
CRMBS03 - Display Status Profiles
CRMBS42 - Maintain Status Selection Profiles
CRMBS43 - Display Status Selection Profile
CRMBS52 - Maintain Authorization Keys
CRMBS53 - Display Authorization Key
CRMD_CODEX CRM Codex - Evaluation
CRMD_EMAIL - Maintain Mail Form
CRMD_EMAIL_TEMPL - Maintain Mail Template
CRMD_EMAIL_TEMPL1 - Maintain Mail Form
CRMD_IIA_FAQ - Maintain Frequently Asked Questions
CRMD_IIA_REPORT - Generate Statistics Reports
CRMD_IM_MAIL_DELETE - Delete Marketing Bus Activity List
CRMD_IPM_EVENT – Date or Event Management
CRMD_MKTDS - Data Sources for Segment Builder
CRMD_MKTDS_WIZARD - Data Source Wizard
CRMD_MKTLIST - External List Management
CRMD_MKTLIST_MAP CRM Marketing - ELM Mapping Tool
CRMD_MKTSEG - Segment Builder
CRMD_MKTSEG_MGR - Edit Master Groups
CRMD_MKT_EXP CRM Marketing - Export Target Group
CRMD_MKT_PROC - Create Business Transactions
CRMD_MKT_TOOLS - Marketing Tools
CRMD_MKT_TRANS CRM Marketing - Transport to Channels
CRMD_ORDER - Transaction Processing
CRMD_SRWWW - Internet Transaction Service Request
CRMD_TRANSLATE - Translate Mail Form
CRMM_MKT_SAMPLE - Segment Builder
SE19 - BADI Implementation
SE93 - Transaction code check
SE11 - Tables
SE38 - Functional module reports
SOST – Transmission Request forms
SCOT - Administration system status
CRM_UI_FRAME - BSP WD work bench
BP Business Partner - (Creation/View/Modification)
CIC0 - Customer Interaction Centre
SPRO - Configuration related settings
CRMD_CALL_LIST - Create/ Maintain Call list
COMMPR01 - Maintain Products
PPOSA_CRM - Display Organizational Model
SBDM - Bdoc maintenance
SMOEAC - Administration console – CRM Middleware
SMQ1,SMQ2 - Queue monitoring for inbound and outbound queues.
SMW01 - Transaction for monitoring bdocs.
RMC_PPR_DEFINE_TYPE - Customer Maintenance PPR Types
CRMC_PRCPROC_DET - Cust Maint type determination
CRMC_PRCTYPE_DET - Cust Maint Price Proc Maint.
CRMC_PROCESS_MA - Customizing Maintenance

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