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Saturday, April 08, 2017

Data Management Tool for Utilities

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SAP and Siemens came are joining hand to build a new Data management tool for global energy and utility companies. According to the agreement signed between two companies couple of days back, Energy Utility companies will now be able to buy Energy IP directly through SAP under the name SAP Meter Data Management by Siemens. The collaboration of both the companies is expected to begin in the second quarter of this year. Both the companies have agreed to work together and create a road map for development tools to support energy and utility companies.

In a joint statement released, Thomas Zimmermann, CEO of the Siemens Digital Grid business unit said "Siemens and SAP have long-standing relationships with utilities and municipalities. Our smart grid application platform, Energy IP, combined with SAP for Utility solutions will reach nearly half of all power utilities in the world and will bring our customers a high level of intelligence and insight to make data not only valuable but actionable in today's information-driven world."

According to both companies energy utility sector is evolving and focusing heavily on transitioning to a more distributed energy landscape. Due to this SAP and Siemens are planning to help utility customers integrate real-time processing of data that are generated by millions of connected meters and sensors. This will provide better insight and control for energy producers and consumers. "End-to-end digital business scenarios will be the key drivers to really change today’s energy system," Thomas Zimmerman further added.

This new announcement by both the companies is in line with the other steps SAP has made to expand its offerings in big data enterprise solutions. SAP recently upgraded its Vora enterprise business analytics solution to provide support for cloud implementation on its SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services platform.

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