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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

HANA can be the Key to SAP future developments

Talking about SAP and their product and business development, they listen to what customers need and then act fast on end user requirements. They regularly check on improvements in SAP enviornment. The key area in which they regularly take feedbacks from the end user and do improvements includes manufacturing, partner management and logistics.  A couple of weeks before there was a SAP Innovation Summit in Berlin and the main focus in that Summit was on the latest development coming out soon. 

This year main focus of SAP wa on their SAP Business One HANA. This new technology of SP is now rapidly becoming the cornerstone of SAP’s technical innovation strategy.

SAP HANA first debuted in 2010. HANA is an in-memory data platform created to support real-time business having high volumes. Through HANA the organisations can use all the capabilities of SAP Business One. They will also get the value of insight gleaned from every piece of data across the organisation, the second it is captured, enabling businesses to make instant decisions.

For Small and Medium Enterprise business, the availability of data actually enables them to further improve their financial performance, they also help in increasing profit margins, provide better customer service and solve problems quickly and easily while improving business processes.

Since its launch SAP, Business One HANA has continued at the pace to support better operational performance as well as larger data sets and more insightful real-time analytics. This also has made the integration easier. 

SAP now understand that access to more of new innovations in computing software can only be made possible if they focus and choose HANA and pay utmost attention to their development. 

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