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Friday, April 07, 2017

SAP to target Indian SME's

SAP logo at SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.(Reuters)
With the Indian Government pushing more for digital form of transaction and a common driven taxation system, the GST is now confirmed to be rolled out by July 2017, SME(Small and Medium Enterprises) of the country are gearing up to optimise the limited IT resources to to stay agile and capitalise on rising opportunities. Sensing a emerging market that has very large possibilities and opportunity German ERP giant maker SAP has recently launched SAP S/4HANA personal cloud, a next generation business suite tailored for mid-size firms.
“Our commitment, through SAP S/4HANA private cloud, is to provide each and every Indian business the opportunity to tap into the power and potential of SAP HANA as they pave the way towards a pervasive digital business,”  Deb Deep Sengupta, president and managing director of SAP Indian subcontinent said in an statement.

SAP said that its newly launched private cloud edition offers the flexibility and functionality of SAP S/4HANA enterprise management solution to SME at a simple and affordable subscription pricing model.

“Setting up an IT infrastructure that can take care of finance, HR, procurement, analytics requires a lot of expertise and capital investment. But if a company goes for a solution like SAP S/4HANA private cloud, upfront there is saving of 30% on that investment and it also allows them to focus on their core businesses,” said Atul Sareen who is vice president and head of cloud sales, SAP India.

Available in an exceedingly standard subscription pricing format with none direct capital investment, SAP claims that the solution offers enterprise-calibre data security and quicker time to value allowing the small firms to go digital within weeks on predefined services. The key advantage of SAP S/4HANA is that transactional and analytical data can be processed at a faster speed compared to that in a traditional database platform.

“The benefit of this solution is that both transactions and analytics are in sync. This is mostly used by large enterprises and mid-market firms. For SMEs, we have done a good amount of market research on S/4HANA and came out with S/4 HANA private cloud,” Atul Sareen further added.

Small and medium enterprises which are units employing 500 or less employees with a turnover of about R1,500 crore, usually dont have a broad IT resources and they require an ERP system with broad and deep functionality as well as low cost. The number of companies that fall under this category is large. SAP has more than 7500 customers across the subcontinent, out of which over 5,500 customers are SMEs.

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Mohd Ujaley, Financaial Express

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